Fr. Mike Joly rocked the house with his powerful preaching, teaching, music and testimony for the three days of the parish Lenten mission “Surrender, Mission, and Abundance: True Happiness in and through COVID-19”. From his homilies at all 4 weekend masses to his evening sessions, Fr. Mike inspired and challenged parishioners from middle school to the school of life to live our Christian lives fruitfully and boldly with God, for God and through God. – Lenten Parish Mission

Thank you for presiding at Mass Tuesday morning at Resurrection Catholic Church and for the inspiring concert in the evening. You may be physically sightless but you have clarity of vision where it counts the most…from the heart. I thank you for personally opening my eyes, ears, heart, mind and soul a bit wider as He continuously calls me to take a deeper walk with Him. Like you 1 was shocked when my sinfulness was slowly revealed to me. As grace and mercy flowed in abundance I knew who won the Contest of Strength and who was the true friend of my soul. How tenderly He cares for each of us! — God Bless, Sue W.
I felt renewed and moved by the Holy Spirit in a way that I have not felt for some time.  During the last session I was in tears as I heard his message… – Paul F.
He is an eloquent speaker and demands attention, never lost interest for one second and would love to see him back again in the future. – Ed K.
He was amazing!  I’m normally full of energy but hearing him talk and sing, he was able to charge my batteries even more!  I love positive people with God in their heart.  I was tired that day but I’m so glad that I was able to attend.  – Maria L.
Father Mike is a very powerful speaker.  He is musically gifted as well, and the way that he incorporates music into his presentation is very effective.  He definitely maintains interest throughout his presentation with his blend of teaching, humor, anecdotes and music. – Joanne F.
Father Mike’s professional presentation included a clear organization of content based on Gospel narratives and Scriptures that easily connected and related to the parishioners attending.  His delivery conveyed a comfortable confidence, expressive exuberant energy, and clear fluent message of Joy, Hope, and Faith that was all inclusive.  His carefully pace vocals and the integration of his piano accompaniment with selected well recognized songs added excitement.  His lyrical stream flowed abundantly.  His call to action witnessed every attendee singing, praying, moving…It was Joy In Action.  — Paul and Emily K.
Not only was I uplifted and revived but also became more aware of MY worth and MY “fruitfulness.”  Father Mike opened my eyes to how truly fruitful I am.  When I heard Father Mike speak, his words and enthusiasm had me hooked.  – Tina A.
A “glorious teaching concert”.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when Fr. Mike shared that description with me.  In retrospect, that description is very accurate.  Fr. Mike touched our spirits using songs interspersed with short teaching moments based on each song’s lyrics or background.  Some songs were soft and mediative, others strong and powerful, all were moving.  We laughed, pondered, and prayed along with Fr. Mike as he poured out timeless lessons through and around his music.  As we began the season of Easter our parish was energized by this event; understating a bit more of the power of the Resurrection in our hearts and some new tunes in our ears. — Deacon Barry W.