One Cross


There is just the one cross on which hung the Son of God. All who choose to follow Him must take up the one cross and follow the one Lord.

Verse 1:

Come unto me oh heavily burdened;  Come unto me oh weary;  Come unto me and find rest, finally. (Chorus)

Verse 2:

My cross is light and easy to carry;  My cross won’t weigh on your shoulders;  My cross contains all the power and freedom you seek. (Chorus)


If the fire of my presence falls down around you,  You no longer live, I live in you.  You no longer live; I do.

Verse 3:

The promise I make I seal in my blood, If you will be my disciple I’ll raise you on high from your cross, caught up in me. (Chorus)


(There is just the one cross, On which hung the Lamb of God, Dying in His innocence, So that all who have fallen may be raised up and never die again.)