Not By Apperance

“Not By Appearance”

Isn’t it funny how a child’s game,

Defined the way that we saw and we thought and we worked and played:

Seeing what’s partial in shadows and caves,

Appearance seems all there is,

Nothing but faith that can lift, the blinders and the veil.

Refrain:  Not by appearance we see, no!

But in the power and the light of the living God;

No by appearance we see, no!

Now that darkness is banished and light is mine;

In Christ we go.

Why us o Lord, do you bless with such clarity?

To notice your presence among us, pure charity;

Your saints and your martyrs echo the song of the Truth;

Nothing to lose but to gain,

Adoring the Lamb who was slain,

Who pours forth His power and riches and strength.



Bridge:  O, the boy Jose Del Rio never turned from you;

And Theresa of Calcutta served your wounds;

And your prophet, John the Baptist, cried your name out loud;

While the girl, Maria Goretti, kept your body sound;

O, the fire could not consume your servant, Joan of Arc;

Nor the priest named Kolbe sacrificed for naught.