Higher Fire

“Higher Fire”

A choice to make, to make a break,

From earthly designs, the gods made of gold,

The lower fires, can never quench,

The raging desires, with caverns so deep;

Lord, give me the grace, the heart and the space,

To stand up with your embrace.

Refrain:  I want the higher fire, burning in me, burning in me;

I have divine desire, purify me, satisfy me.

A spark of life, the hand of God

Reaching out to mine, eager to impart,

Life sweetly mine, when lived as one with you,

Singing the song, a mystical one;

The bridegroom is Christ, with the Church as His bride,

Living and giving Pure life.



Bridge:  You create me, and recreate me;

Now let your Spirit breathe in me.

You redeem me, your Precious Blood runs through me;

Now let the higher fire renew me. 2X

Refrain…Purify me, satisfy me.  Purify me, satisfy me.