Father Mike Joly
Father Mike Joly

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For fourteen years I have wondered if I ever would be able to produce a record.  My answer to myself would consistently be “no”.  Whenever I would be invited to instruct a parish mission or retreat, concert or talk, people would repeatedly ask if I had a CD (or tape back in the day).  My response would be “no, I don’t have one.”

My own reasons prevented the reality from ever coming to fruition:

  • I just didn’t think that my music would be “good enough”
  • My spirituality is personal and dear to me.  It really struck me oddly to pour my own personal spirituality on to a disk that could go anywhere.
  • The resources needed for such a project are not negligible.  The cost was a third deterrent.

One by one these obstacles were removed.  Finally, three years ago I resolved to go for it.  I had reconciled myself to the fact that the Lord would use His relationship with me to speak to others.  My sense of gifted inferiority could not stand in the way.  Lastly, a wonderful and faithful married couple believed in me, perhaps more than I did, and helped to back the project.  Thank you.

May God bless you abundantly and give you Peace through His Son.


Father Mike Joly